Monday, February 1, 2010

Sol Lewitt on Conceptual Art

After reading Sol Lewitt's article, I gained a better understanding on what Conceptual Art actually is. "Conceptual Art is made to engage the mind of the viewer rather then the eye or emotion of the artist." I thought this to be interesting because most artist try to convey a message or feeling to the viewer through their piece, but with Conceptual Art, the artist is just making the art with the idea in mind that "different people will understand the same thing in a different way."
There were a lot of interesting facts and sayings through out the whole article which allowed me to grasp the thought process of creating a conceptual piece. At one point Lewitt mentioned that the thought process of the piece is sometimes more interesting than the final product, which I agree with. I have always enjoyed viewing the artists sketches, drawings, models, and notes on a certain piece more than the final piece of art. It has always been humbling to me to see that even the best artists mess up and have little crappy doodles and that they are not afraid to hand them up next to their final product.
There is one question that Lewitt asks in the article "What size is best?" I instantly connected with. I never know what size my painting should be. This has always been something I struggled with, not only because I have a limited amount of work space, but because I just don't know what size my pieces should be.
I am going to end with a final quote from Sol Lewitt, " Conceptual Art is only good when the idea is good"... like that is not intimidating at all.

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