Sunday, March 28, 2010

Culture Jamming by Mark Deny

I really enjoyed reading about the concept of Culture Jamming; “a media hacking, information warfare, terror-art, and guerrilla semiotics, all in one.” I have always seen art pieces that have transformed a well-known symbol or icon into something with a different meaning while still keeping the resemblance to the original piece. “Culture jamming, by contrast, is directed against an ever more intrusive, instrumental technoculture whose operant mode is the manufacture of consent through the manipulation of symbols.” I believe this quotation describes the concept of culture jamming head on. The idea of jamming is to do anything that steps in front of the culture one lives in, to stop the flow of media. Like a slap in the face, or to knock a person into sense of what is really going on around them and what the media and “people in charge” of the media is really trying to sell them. I found by reading this article there are many artist who have used culture jamming to bring a point across, I just could never give there art a categorization until this article.

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