Sunday, March 28, 2010

Interview with Eva Sutton on Unnatural Science

This article gives a clear description of what a hybrid actually is in the eyes of an artist. Sutton genetically engineers natural animals with other natural animals to make an unnatural creature that does not resemble anything on earth. “It's creating an animal that in parts is recognized as a natural animal and yet, when it's hybridized in its totality, it's completely unnatural. And, in fact, it's monstrous. Sutton views herself both as an artist and a scientist; she never wanted to have to make the decision to become one or the other. So her found the medium of the two; “ Science states meaning and art expresses it.”
The piece that she shows on her website of Unnatural Science is of a hybrid of at least three different animals. The head is of a goat with a bubble like connection to a torso of a colored enhanced bird of come sort within an egg shaped bubble connected to the rear of either a hippo of some type of pig. They are all connected by what looks like to be a small bone within clear bubbles. It is very interesting and does not look like anything that one could find in nature. And if it were to be found, it would be extremely frightening.

Here is the link to view the Hybrid piece:

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