Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Indeterminacy Project

My Recipe:

First deciding what medium I will be using:
Numbers 1-3 in a hat:
1- paint
2- marker
3- a mixture of both marker and paint

Second, seeing what color I will use:
For the background: close my eyes and reach into a huge bag of paint or markers
or both (depending on what number I chose in step 1)
Heads- blue
Tails- black

Finally, figuring out which shapes I will be drawing.
Every time I hear a car horn honk- a line
Every time I hear a person yell- a figure 8
Every time a weight loss add comes on TV- a spiral

I will draw all of this within a 30 minute time frame.

Unfortunately I did not have a partner for this project, that is why my recipe is bias for my location.
This assignment made me paint something that I would normally never paint. It was hard for me to stay to the recipe because I wanted to add different shapes and colors. I got frustrated with the repetitiveness of the piece, within my usual pieces, I try my hardest not to repeat anything.
After completing this project I realized that I did not add into the recipe where I would be placing these shapes, I just placed them where ever I liked or thought looked best. Which I understand is not totally by chance.
I did enjoy this project because it showed me a new way to go about painting; not everything has to be planned out to a T. And there was no stress involved while doing it, I did not have to fret about what color to use or what design should go there...

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  1. Julianne:
    Your project has a very nice musicality to it. It turned out great! It reminds me of looking out a window (with those security bars) onto a painted wall outside.