Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Eiffel Tower by Roland Barthes

The Eiffel Tower is famous symbolic icon of France. If there is merely a photo of the tower, I as do many others. instantly think of France. To many it is not just a building, they become part of it when visiting, as did Barthes. What Barthes tries to convey within this article is that one may not only become part of the Tower, but the may become part of the dream that the Tower presents. He describes his notion of the natural; first one would have to look at the object, in this case the Eiffel Tower, integrate the obvious and then look at what is natural. There can always be a connection to what is man made and created to what is natural. This article could not keep my attention as needed, so I did not read it very diligently. But what I got from it was that the symbionics of certain objects carry great meaning.

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