Thursday, May 6, 2010

Final Project: The Community See-Saw

I decided that I am going to go with my See-Saw idea. I liked the fact that it is not only a big object in a public space, but that it is actually functional and useful. Also, I like the concept of it needing a bunch of people joining together in order for it to work. Bringing the community together for recreational purposes only. I believe that there are so many things out there with the purpose to teach or to bring awareness to, which is fine and great, I just think that there should be things out there that propose nothing but fun. There is no deep thinking involved, all you need are other people to join in on the fun.
This will be made out of some type of metal. I don't know the exact type yet, but something that will not rust or pose a safety hazard... for this piece will be of all ages. Also, I would like the material to be sustainable, I do not want anything that would be hazardous to the environment over time. I need to do more research on what type of material would be the best to use.
The See-Saw will be large enough to fit at least 10 people on either side. There will only be one handle, which will be the seat closet to the middle of the See-Saw. I thought of this so that people would have to hug each other to make sure that they don't fall off, not them relying on a handle. I want this piece to bring unity within the community.
It will be placed in the Golden Gate Park of San Francisco. I am thinking right in front of the Conservatory of Flowers. There is a large grassy space there where people of all ages hang out. Also, there is already a friendly vibe there because of all the beautiful flowers and just the fact that it is not by busy road so it is quieter than other areas of the park.
The design is not going to be very creative. It will look like a normal See-Saw... just a lot larger. However, there will be etchings within the metal of the See-Saw. I am thinking hand prints of all sizes. I have not totally decided if I want it to be all one color (like silver or something) or if I want the hand prints to be different colors.
I still obviously have a lot more figuring out to do, but I have my basic idea and I am really happy with it.
My next step will be to figure out what the best material would be to use, how much this would cost, the dimensions and that color or colors the See-Saw will be. Then I will be creating it on Photoshop and virtually placing it in front of the Conservatory of Flowers at Golden Gate Park.

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