Monday, May 17, 2010

Visiting the MET in New York City

Over spring break I went to New York City with my good friend and we visited the MET, along with many other museums and galleries. At the MET, there are many beautiful and inspirational paintings. We spent more than half the day walking around the museum. I found that I walked fairly quickly through the African Arts, Sculptures and Renaissance style paintings, but I took my time in the modern art section and the impressionism. While I was walking around the museum I was not really thinking of what art piece or pieces relate to this class, but after reflecting upon it, I instantly thought of the painting by Jasper Johns, White Flag (1955). I believe this painting somewhat corresponds with the culture-jamming project that we completed in class. The reason I thought of this was because America is run by predominately white people (men) and in painting the American Flag white, in a way represents the white rule. It totally changes the meaning of the American flag for me. It is supposed to symbolize equality and unity, but with it painted on only white… to me, it shows equality and unity only if you are white, not other ethnicity. There were many other paintings that made an impact on me, but this one definitely stood above the rest of them.

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