Monday, May 17, 2010

Visiting the MoMA in San Francisco

Currently at the MoMa in San Francisco there is an Anniversary Show celebrating its 75th yeas as a pioneering force in art, locally and globally. There are many different pieces from some of the most amazing artists, it brings together more than 300 works from the collection, including paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, videos, photographs, architectural models, and design objects. The exhibition highlights moments when the history of the museum has intersected meaningfully with the history of art. There is a rage of artists from Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock, Jasper Johns and many more amazing artists who made an impact in the art world. This anniversary show allows the visitor to see the evolution of the museum through photos, correspondence and videos. There is a piece at the museum that really made an impact on me; Untitled, by Barry McGee. The reason why this piece impacted me was because it is so different than any other installation at the museum. It is a collection of paintings and photographs framed and placed on the wall to look like it is bulging out of the wall. It is a huge installation. I have not seen a piece like this before and again, like the performance piece by Marina Abramovic’: The Artist Is Present, it made me think of different ways of approaching art. Art does not have to be on one canvas made with paint or pencil; art is what ever you say it is.

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