Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Improvable Monument: Community Seesaw

I am going to make a giant Seesaw and place it in front of the Flower Conservatory in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. It will be made from non oxidizing metals so it does not rust or lose it’s coloring. It will be large enough for at least 10 people to fit on either side of the Seesaw in order for it to work. The reasoning for this is that I want something to bring the community together for no reason other than just pure recreation. This monument is for fun only. There will be only one handle on either side of the Seesaw, which will be located toward the center, meaning all the people on it will have to hold onto each other to make sure that the will not fall off.
There will be hands engraved in the body of the Seesaw, not only for decoration and design, but also not make the surface of the Seesaw less slippery. It will give the riders more of a grip when they are playing.
The reasoning for placing it in front of the Flower Conservatory in Golden Gate Park is because it is already a relaxing place where people go to enjoy a lovely day with their family and friends. And adding a sculpture that is purely based on the concept of fun, I believe will fit in perfectly with this environment. Also, there is a lot of space in front of the Conservatory that people picnic on, so there will be space for the monument and still space for people to enjoy their picnic on the grass.
Stainless Steel Spring: (Spring for the Seesaw to move) Is a low allow, medium carbon steel or high carbon steel with a very high yield of strength. This allows objects made of spring steel to return to their original shape despite significant bending or twisting.
Platinum: (Body of the Seesaw and on either side of the spring and the handle bar) As a pure metal, platinum is silvery-while in appearance. It does not oxidize at any temperature. Platinum’s resistance to wear and tarnish is will suited for making fine jewelry. The meal has an excellent resistance to high temperatures and had stable electrical properties. Platinum is an extremely rare metal. Price of platinum, like other industrial commodities, is more volatile than that of gold. This year the estimated price will soar to 675 dollars per ounce.
Spring Steel:
Thickness: 1.0 inches’ (polished)
100 Ton: $600 (200,000 pounds)
1 Ton= 2,000 lbs
I will be only using 300lbs of steel, but unfortunately you have to buy at least 1 Ton. So there will be a lot left over to resell.
$675 per ounce
200lbs= 3,200oz
$675 x 3,200 = $2,160,000
Would be no less than $3,000 due to the size and detail.
Charged for total labor and material cost per pound of deposited welded metal. Cost would approximately be around $1,000.
Total Price:
Approximate cost of sculpture: $2,164,600 (not including moving and transportation)
Platinum Body:
25 feet long
1.5 feet wide
2 inches thick
Stainless Steel Spring:
1 inch thick- multiple coils so it is sturdy enough to hold the Seesaw with weight of people.

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