Monday, May 3, 2010

Final Project Ideas

Some ideas:
1.) A giant dollar bill on top of the San Francisco Mint. It would stretch across the whole top of the building. Most likely made out of copper so it would turn green over time. I am not really sure what the significance would be other than showing people that it is the mint and that is where our money is made. Just to bring awareness to what the building is.
2.) A giant See-Saw in the middle of Golden Gate Park. It would only work if you have at least 10 people on either side. It would be there to bring people together for for recreational fun, either strangers or friends. The material would be something very durable and sustainable.
3.) A giant treadmill in the center of the Pan Handle of Golden Gate Park. It would be placed where all the runners are to show that some people are running for fitness to stay looking a certain way rather than recreation and being in nature. I still need to work on the significance of the piece, but it would be along those lines. The material would be the same as a normal treadmill.
Obviously all my concepts work around something giant and in public space. When I imagine these monuments I visual them as being very gaudy and kind of an eye sore. Not so much for the See-Saw, but that would still have it's gaudiness.

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