Monday, May 17, 2010

Visiting the MoMA in New York City

(This is a logo of the MoMA done by Tim Burton for his exhibit)
The highlight of my Spring Break trip was going to the MOMA. My Friend, Madeline, and I spent the entire day there. We went to every room and stared at each painting for a long period of time. I was totally calm and at peace when I was there, there are so many beautiful and inspirational pieces of art there it is unbelievable. I was able to see the Tim Burton exhibit which was amazing… to be able to see each step in his drawings before he turned them into film was great. But the most interesting thing at the museum was a special exhibit done by Marina Abramović called The Artist is Present. This was a performance art piece. Abramović was sitting in a chair in the middle of the museum with a table between her and another chair. Anyone was able to sit in the other chair facing her. She would sit there all day and stair at any person who decided to sit across from her. I wanted to sit in the chair… but there was an unbelievably long line. This was a performance art piece that I have never seen before. Abramović literally say in the chair all day with very few breaks. She placed cameras all around her to film the reactions of people around her and the people sitting in the chair across from her. I have never see performance art like this. It was like you can become apart of a piece of work in the museum. It is definitely a different way of looking at what art is. After seeing this performance, I now see that there is really no limitation on what art can be.
I have attached some links to view the performance. One is of the artiest speaking about the reasoning behind the piece and the other is to show the performance. (Marina Abramović talking about the piece) (The performance itself)

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